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When your factory produces antiseptic wood, if you traditionally soak the wood, you will usually encounter the following problems:

Long soaking time (usually several days), the depth of penetration of preservatives into the wood is very small (usually stays on the surface) preservatives are wasteful, inefficient and difficult to meet the quality requirements.

With the country's increasing requirements for anticorrosive products and the introduction of new standards, this method has been eliminated.

The company has provided the following specifications for customers to choose from:
Equipment Specifications Empty tank volume Handling of actual materials
DN1200mm (inner diameter) ⅹ8000mm (internal length nearly 8.5 meters) 9.1 m³ 5.5 m³
DN1500mm (inner diameter) ⅹ8000mm (internal length nearly 8.5 meters) 14.2 m³ 8.5 m³

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Jiangxi Meilong Timber Protection Co., Ltd. (the Ministry of Railways Yingtan Timber Anticorrosion Plant Pressure Vessel Factory) is a professional engaged in the technical support of New Zealand timber protection technology; the talents of the domestic industry; the rigorous, pragmatic and win-win business philosophy Wood protection (wood flame retardant equipment, wood anticorrosion equipment, anticorrosion, flame retardant, fire prevention, carbonization, autoclave for building materials) equipment, various types of wood anticorrosion. A professional company for the production and sale of flame retardants is a necessary equipment for wood anticorrosion plants and fire door factories. Our company provides customers with the following service items: ● Formulation of a factory construction plan ● Implementation of a factory plan ● Provision of wood protection equipment ● Supply of antiseptic agents ● Supporting process ● Training of factory employees ● Guarantee of follow-up services Since its establishment, it has built dozens of wood flame retardant equipment factories throughout the country, including wood processing test equipment for teaching and testing at Nanjing Forestry University. From equipment manufacturing, installation, process support, personnel training and follow-up technical guidance, Users' praise, the investors of the factory have achieved good economic benefits, ...

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